Project One: The Wall

Tomorrow we start the wall!  The plan is to go to the ReBuilding Center (if you’re a Portlander doing any kind of home stuff, you MUST check this place out) and pick out a door to go between our side and the actual garage side of the downstairs.  Then, we’ll swing by Home Depot for the rest of our supplies (lumber, nails, drywall & drywall accessories and lots of other things) and go to town in the garage!  Ideally, we could have the frame up, drywall hung, and everything mudded/taped by Sunday night but I won’t hold my breath.

I did my homework on this one (two budgeting trips to Home Depot) and I think we can build this wall for $115 or less. We need a few special things, requested by my General Contractor (read: Dad) to make things easier if (heaven forbid!) he ever wants to remove the wall.  I’m sure it will be so fabulous when we’re done, he won’t even consider tearing it down.  Right?  Right.

Here’s what it looks like now (with my lovely curtain):

I made a curtain out of king size sheets right after we moved in. It will soon be replaced by a real wall!

And what it looks like with nothing:

Basically, one the wall is up, we won’t have to look at the cars every morning when we step out of the shower.  And maybe it will keep some of the bugs out.  Maybe.


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