Wall Recap

Done! Saturday, we found a nice, prehung door at the ReBuilding Center for $10 and picked up everything except the drywall at Home Depot on our way home.  It was raining (crazy, right?) so we waited until it wasn’t raining so much to pick up the dry wall (had to wrap it in a giant tarp and tie it to the top of Mom & Dad’s station wagon).  I really can’t take much credit for the actual work.  Dad and David did the framing (I did write down some numbers!).  I helped a little bit with hanging the drywall but David did most of it.

We did have to buy a couple things that weren’t originally on my list: some weather stripping for the bottom of the door (to keep out the bugs & coldness) and one those pre-taped corner reinforcement strips for the corner by the closet.   The weather stripping put us over budget by a bit.

I forgot to mention the closet!  I’ll try and get a good picture but we have this nice closet right across from the bathroom door.  Originally, we knew we had to make a bit of an alcove there to accommodate the light switch and the placement of the beam.  And then, when we were moving all of the stuff out of the way, we found a socket!  So we were graciously allowed to make the alcove a bit bigger so that we could use the socket too.  Although I just realized, we never plugged anything into the socket to make sure it still works.  Someone please remind me to do that… Either way, the closet will fit one of my shelves perfect and will probably be home for the vacuum, maybe even a coat rack too.

I know it’s not particularly pretty yet but it will be painted and such.  Unfortunately, decorating is at the bottom of the list.  No point in trying to paint the new wall now and then having to paint the rest of the walls later.

Trips to Home Depot: 6. no, 5 because I counted one in my post about painting Ariel’s room.  Plus two trips to the ReBuilding Center.
Total Cost: $157.82
Hours: a lot… maybe 20?


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